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How long in minutes do you have to walk to get long-term benefits?

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  • Walking is the best exercise there is!
  • I would say the more a person walks the better, and it is better to measure the amount one walks not by distance but by time.

active coping; cognitive functions; creativity; mental health; moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity (MVPA); personal growth; psychological wellbeing; regular physical exercise; state anxiety; working memory

This study showed that moderate to vigorous exercise enhances the benefits of walking

Regular Moderate- to Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity Rather Than Walking Is Associated with Enhanced Cognitive Functions and Mental Health in Young Adults



Human health benefits associated with the immersion in nature continue to be currently researched. Longitudinal research, conducted worldwide, is needed to produce new evidence of the relationships associated with nature therapy and clinical therapeutic effects. Nature therapy as a health-promotion method and potential universal health model is implicated for the reduction of reported modern-day "stress-state" and "technostress.".



This study aimed to clarify the psychological benefits of brief walks through forest areas. In addition, we aimed to examine the associations between psychological responses and trait anxiety levels. Five-hundred-and-eighty-five participants (mean age, 21.7 ± 1.6 years) were instructed to walk predetermined courses through forest (test) and city (control) areas for 15 min. The Profile of Mood State (POMS) questionnaire and State-Trait Anxiety Inventory were used to assess participants' psychological responses and trait anxiety levels, respectively. The results revealed that walking through forest areas decreased the negative moods of "depression-dejection", "tension-anxiety", "anger-hostility", "fatigue", and "confusion" and improved the participants' positive mood of "vigor" compared with walking through city areas. Furthermore, a significant correlation was found between participants' trait anxiety levels and their changes in the subscale of "depression-dejection" of POMS after walking through forest areas. A more effective reduction in the feeling of "depression-dejection" after walking through forest areas was observed for participants with high trait anxiety levels than for those with normal and low trait anxiety levels.

  • Moderate to vigorous walking has been shown to be much more valuable to the body than low-intensity walking.
  • It is good to periodically walk for over 2 hours once  a week.

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Walking is man's best medicine


460 BC - 370 BC

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I agree with you and thank you for the information. I walk my dog so he does stop and smell, etc. but after he is through, I will be picking up the pace and going quicker. But my one question is - don’t you get tired and benefits from walking around a flea market for an hour or so where you are basically standing and moving slowly?


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