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Regular glucosamine supplementation was associated with lower mortality due to all causes, cancer, CVD, respiratory and digestive diseases.  

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Very interesting study!


Key messages:
What is already known about this subject?
► Although several epidemiological investigations
indicated that glucosamine use might play a
role in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular
disease (CVD), and other diseases, only a
few studies have evaluated the associations
between glucosamine use and mortality
outcomes, especially for cause-specific
► In addition, there is limited evidence on how
potentially modifiable factors affect associations
of glucosamine use with all-cause and cause-specific mortality.
What does this study add?
► Regular glucosamine use is associated with
a lower risk for total mortality (15%), CVD
mortality (18%), cancer mortality (6%),
respiratory mortality (27%) and digestive
mortality (26%).
► Furthermore, the protective associations of
glucosamine use against all-cause mortality
appeared to be somewhat stronger in current
smokers than non-current smokers.
How might this impact clinical practice or
future developments?
► These findings indicate that regular
glucosamine use may provide a benefit against
mortality among the general population; further
clinical trials and possibly pharmacological
studies may increase our understanding of any
the potential benefit of glucosamine supplement