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Longevity Medicine Coffee as an anti-aging medicine

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Coffee, an intricate brew having thousands of naturally active compounds, applies potent impacts on lasting human health and wellness. Recently, numerous research studies have been released focusing on health and wellness results of coffee intake. Regular coffee usage relates to lower threats for cardiovascular fatalities, and many unfavorable effects consisting of coronary cardiovascular disease some aspects of type 2 diabetes, depression, and excessive weight.

The identification of caffeine as a relevant factor in aging and healthspan in worms, combined with prior work in both humans and rodents linking caffeine consumption to a reduced risk of age-associated disease, suggests that caffeine may target conserved longevity pathways. Further, it may be important to consider caffeine consumption when developing clinical interventions, particularly those designed to mimic dietary restriction or modulate insulin/IGF-1-like signaling. The positive impact of caffeine on a worm model of polyglutamine disease suggests that chronic caffeine consumption may generally enhance resistance to proteotoxic stress and may be relevant to assessing risk and developing treatments for human diseases like Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease. Future work addressing the relevant targets of caffeine in models of aging and healthspan will help to clarify the underlying mechanisms and potentially identify new molecular targets for disease intervention.

Aging; Caffeine; Healthspan; Life span; Longevity; Neurodegeneration; Proteotoxicity; Worms
PMID: 24764514 PMCID: PMC3922918 DOI: 10.1186/2046-2395-1-9


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